Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Final Word!

In this last chapter of Tozer's The Size of the Soul he quickly summarizes "What Easter is About." Briefly stated Jesus, the Savior of those who alone will enter eternal joy and peace with God Almighty, is raised from the dead. Period. Full stop. 

God demonstrates His complete sovereignty over all of existence, even that which itself seems to indicate the end of existence itself - death, the price we pay for our sins. Nothing is more simple. Nothing is more astounding. Nothing else needs be said. Jesus, in being physically raised from the dead, validated everything God had said, directed, commanded, suggested, intimated, and otherwise promised.  The believer no longer need fear anything.

The greatest pain, the greatest stress, the greatest challenge anyone can ever face is only temporary, just a passing event preparing us for that glorious eternity promised to those (and only those) who profess faith in Jesus efficacious, meritorious, sacrificial life, death, and resurrection.

Easter is the culmination of God's creative, redemptive, sustaining activity.  From the very beginnings in the Garden of Eden God intended for us to live is perfect harmony with one another, with all of creation and with Him.  Remember the Tree of Life was standing in the Garden of Eden and no prohibition was made regarding access to that Tree.  In Jesus who hung on a tree our we given access to life eternal yet again.

So, as we await the consummation of history, we are delivered from fear because we know the power we possess and the greater power He possesses.  We are enabled to free ourselves from sin by the power he provides through His Holy Spirit. We have the confidence that he loves us and that he will bring to completion on the Day of the Lord, the good work He has begun in us.  And that makes all the difference in how we will live.

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