Wednesday, October 14, 2020


The Causes of Religious Confusion – Chapter 24

1. What confuses me most about my faith?

Like Paul, I sometimes wonder why "I do the very thing I hate?"  I have indeed prayed for this thorn in the flesh, a messenger of satan, to be removed. But God in His infinite wisdom, has chosen to say, "My grace is sufficient for you."

2. In what ways have I allowed science or reason to limit my faith when scripture and my experience call for faith in things that defy reason or explanation?

I feel like I have moved beyond the science and reason excuses.  There are still times, all too often, when I wonder "how" God will work but I never doubt that He will.  It is far more often a question of whether or not I am rightly in His will when I don't more fully comprehend the situation.

3. How ready am I to give a simple, understandable defense of my faith?

Absolutely ready.  I was lost. Now I am found.  He took me from the clutches of satan and has NEVER failed to sustain me. I believe, because He is faithful.

4. How would I respond to questions such as  “why should I, an atheist/buddhist/wiccan... become a Christian”?

In order to save your soul.  In order to find true and lasting peace Because there is no other way to Truth.  Because it is not about you, or me, but about Him who was, who is, and who is to come.

5.  What is God saying to me about this? 

 The thought occurred to me this morning as I worked on these questions, that I would yet have the opportunity to share this precious faith in a situation unlike any other I have experienced to date...

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