Saturday, September 26, 2020



Hope the Universal Treasure – Chapter 21

1. On what human devices and desires have I set my hopes?

On the concepts of professionalism, success, and busyness as a means of establishing credibility, nurturing relationships and being recognized as significant.  I have inappropriately invested in institutionalized churchianity, pandered to church structures and pretend believers, and tried to appease people as a means toward establishing my identity as a pastor, hoping for recognition.  All I really needed was  to be attentive to God's calling to labor in His vineyard until the evening comes.

2. What hopes has the Lord given me that have already been fulfilled?

A sense of peace in Him, an abiding faith, and the security of the promise of salvation.

3. In what ways is my eternal hope secure?

In Jesus.  I can only find my hope, my rest, and my peace in Him.

4. How might my faith and exercise of it bring hope to those around me? In what ways am I instilling hope in the people with whom I live, work, and play?

Right now this is the difficult thing. It seems presumptuous, even arrogant to presume that I could do that.  I trust that f I live my life faithfully focusing on Him, he may chose to bring hope to other around me, but I can't bring hope.  I can only testify to the hope I have in Him.

5.  What is God saying to me about this? 

Be at peace. Be still and know that I am God!

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