Monday, September 28, 2020

A Prophetic Edge - A Pyrrhic Victory

It will be important to remember in this week's reading, that these words were penned 60-70 years ago.  The words proved to be quite prophetic.

But thank God that, in some senses, we have moved beyond the age when the Christian faith was no longer a threat to atheists and others. We have moved again, into an age when faith has become a very significant threat to the powers and principalities that rule our world. 

I still feel that the following words may well be applied to the institutional, denominational world of churchianity where compromise, comfort and complacency seem to govern decisions.

"Compromise and collaboration are now the distinguishing marks of religion. 
To be relaxed and well adjusted to society is more important 
than to keep the commands of Christ. 
The fawning ingratiating spirit is the modern badge of saintliness. 
Between the world and the Christian there is no longer any great difference. 
And that is not by accident..."

We grow overly concerned as to whether or not our social media posts are argumentative, upsetting, or confrontational.  We worry too much about how our faith will be interpreted, our comments received, and our positions perceived.  We want everyone to feel warm and welcome, free to pursue the will-o'-the-wisp of personal faith, feel good religion, and non threatening belief systems.

It will take some doing to keep from going down too many rabbit holes this week.  It will, likely, require more effort to process and to avoid knee-jerk reactions, but I think this is a pivotal issue.

How do we remain a friend of the world when friendship in Christ mandates a rejection of all things and anything that interferes with His Lordship. The blessings we enjoy are to become a tool for advancing his kingdom.

Are we appropriately threatening to atheists and to culture?  Is our affection for Christ echoed in our desire to see His Kingdom advanced, in our lives? In our neighborhoods? In our workplaces? In our friendships? In our families?  Is His will the only thing that matters?  

We need to remember that the cross can never be socially or culturally acceptable. It is by it's very nature counter cultural...

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