Thursday, June 18, 2020

Open the gift!

The Tragedy of the Unopened Gift
by Gregg Levoy

"To sinful patterns of behavior that never get confronted and changed,
abilities and gifts that never get cultivated and deployed-
until weeks become months
and months turn into years,
and one day you're looking back on a life of
deep, intimate, gut-wrenchingly honest conversations you never had;
great bold prayers you never prayed,
exhilarating risks you never took,
sacrificial gifts you never offered,
lives you never touched,
and you're sitting in a recliner with a shriveled soul,
and forgotten dreams, and you realize there was a world of desperate need,
and a great God calling you to be part of something bigger than yourself -
you see the person you could have become but did not;
You never followed your calling.
You never got out of the boat."

Peter is the only disciple that could honestly say that "he walked on water". While he would not have gloated, he didn't need to. Though ashamed by his lack of faith in that momentary distraction, he had nonetheless demonstrated the courage to test it. 

Have you? Have you ever been corrected by the Lord for your lack of faith when you were walking in faith, trying to walk on water, daring to believe?  Or have you always been the pew warmer, the comfortably complacent one? 

It might be time for you to get up, get out, and stretch your faith.  What resources has the Lord provided you by which you will be judged for your use?  What possibilities are are being presented to you at this specific time in your life which may, indeed, be God's little nod, his direction, his calling to take that step.

Like Peter we dare not go unless it be the Lord. But we need to pray, Lord, if it is you, command me to come.  That's a powerful prayer. Are you ready? Have you counted the cost?

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